BIO 101/102 General Term Paper and PowerPoint Requirements

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BIO 101/102 General Term Paper and PowerPoint Requirements

Topic: The Gulf of Mexico Fishery: An Environmental Assessment

Each student is required to prepare a term paper with an accompanying PowerPoint presentation on one of the topics listed.

The purpose of the term paper is to demonstrate that you can apply some of the topics presented in previous chapters.


The paper should be typewritten, paginated, double-spaced, in Times New Roman font, size 12, 1 inch margins (top, bottom, left, and right), and must follow the outline shown below. There is a recommended page length of five to seven (5-7) pages (four pages and a few sentences on the fifth does not constitute five pages!) See below for reference style.

Start preparing the outline soon!

Cover page – Should include the title, your name, the course number and name and date submitted (not included in page count).

Introduction – Should include an overview of the topic. References are needed in the text whenever a fact is stated – use this format: (Author Last Name, date), for example, (Gill, 1992)

Current Study (Literature review) – Summarize the literature on the topic. Look for both pros and cons for each topic.

Discussion – In this section you should critically analyze the literature. Select which position is best supported by the literature.

References – Include all references used in the preparation of this paper.

Page 1. Cover page (2 points) Term paper title, course number, names of student and instructor, date, etc.

Text: 1. Introduction and overview of the problem and the motivation that attracts you

for selecting the topic for this term paper (5 points)

3. Current study and comments (20 points)

4. Conclusions (8 points)

5. List of references with standard formats and appropriate citations in the text (5 points)

6. Grammar, spelling, technical writing, neatness, etc. (10 points)

PowerPoint Requirements (20 points)

Slides (10 points): Minimum of 10 slides, Overall design of the ppt and use of color, Graph, sketch, cartoon, wording, spelling, etc.

Scientific Contents (10 points): Principles, concepts, models, equations, major viewpoints, conclusions, etc. Include a list of reference on the last slide.

Term Paper and PowerPoint Presentation should be submitted in electronic format, as two separate files. Please see the Blackboard for deadlines and additional information.