Australian Paediatric Nursing Clinical Report

There are two main focus areas for the written report:

1) Describe in detail the nursing assessment ‘airway and breathing’ of an acutely unwell child ISSY. You must describe the assessment as indicated on the scenario;

2) Outline the likely findings from that assessment based on the information and images provided in the clinical scenario; and

2) Describe in detail the underlying pathophysiology related to the assessment findings.
The assessment of the unwell child should cover the type of assessments you would undertake, what you are likely to find based on the information provided in the clinical scenario, and how these findings differ from the normal findings for that child if they were not unwell. The assessment should be relevant and specific to the child’s condition and developmental stage.

The description of the underlying pathophysiology should directly relate to the assessment findings. For example, what is the underlying pathophysiology that is causing the breath sounds heard when auscultating the child or infant’s chest? The description of the pathophysiology should be relevant and specific to the child’s condition and developmental stage.

Assessment Criteria

Demonstrates comprehensive understanding of how to undertake an accurate assessment of an infant or child presenting with a respiratory or gastrointestinal condition (40%)
Demonstrates effective communication skills (20%)
Demonstrates detailed understanding of the underlying pathophysiology associated with a common paediatric respiratory or gastrointestinal condition (40%)

Please download all attachments including the marking rubric which must be followed.
This is an assessment based in NSW Australia so Australian guidelines must be used.