2 pages single space HR assignment

Please read the document I put up carefully before you begin. I have marked the important parts in red.

Then you will see something in the Training section like “Outline the best ways to train employees throughout your enterprise in regards to the health and safety issue identified in the section above” The above article I have marked you yellow to make it easier for you to know that.

In addition, you will see requirements that say you need APA from library resources/articles

There is the link, account number, password that you can log in to the GBC library, I have also put the steps of how to log in and enter the library in the attachment, please check. Thank you

GBC library Link :https://bb-gbc.blackboard.com/webapps/portal/execu…

USERNAME: 101172854

PASSWORD: Zhouyanjun233

website When you log in, please enter the library according to the two pictures in attachment 1 and 2, which I circled in red. Then you may be asked to enter your password again。

For this time t

USERNAME: 101172854@georgebrown.ca

Password: Zhouyanjun233

Also dont forget 2 videos link.

And you can start the assignment

Thank you